Karin is not only a very skilled Feng Shui practitioner, but she’s also a joy to work with. She provided my husband and I with a very detailed and personalized report to help us improve and balance the energy within our home. We’ve already made several changes and notice a significant difference in how we feel in our home. We’re expecting our first baby this summer, and thanks to Karin, our baby girl will have a nursery with a healthy flow of Feng Shui energy. That’s priceless. Thank you, Karin!

 – Karla Chin, Thriving Lifestyle, www.thrivinglifestyle.com


For the past 8 years, I have lived in a home that has always felt to me as “a little off”.  I have always felt that something was wrong with the space.  I have always experienced troubles in my relationships and I knew that the problems did not stem from either party necessarily; it felt as though some other force was interfering but I could never put my finger on what was going on.  Prior to purchasing this home, I was always in total control of my finances; however, after the move, I have constantly struggled with saving money.  I was spending it as fast as I was making it and was never able to figure out why.  After my 6 ½ year relationship finally came to an end, I started looking into feng shui as a way of life to improve my overall balance in life since everything felt at that time like it was spinning out of control.  In November of 2014, I been taking beginner classes on Feng Shui and starting to implement what I was learning regarding in the Western Method.  I was spending countless hours shifting and moving things around in an attempt to foster a positive change in my living space; however, nothing was happening.  I did an experiment with my friends who had a simple rectangular shaped house, in comparison to my very angular and oddly shaped house, to see if I was on the right track.  I was able to see the principles working for them but nothing was happening in my house.   It was at this point that I found Karin Hirsch and Living Lotus Space.  Karin spent a great deal of time with me and gave me the guidance I needed to enact the changes I was looking to experience in my life.  She provided me with a very thorough and detailed report, which lists out clearly the issues with each space and the solutions, which can effect positive change.  I dedicated 45 days to completing a total transformation of my space and I can honestly say that in the 2 months it has been since receiving her report, I am now really seeing a positive change across all aspects of my life.  From her suggestions, I enhanced my travel space and I am leaving for a trip to Spain and France in 3 days.  From her suggestions, I enhanced my love area and I now have several suitors.  And I enhanced my wealth corner with the suggestions in her report and my company has not had this much money in the bank in years.  It’s remarkable how my life has improved so drastically in such a short amount of time.  I am totally devoted to living my life following feng shui principles and have Karin to thank for my newfound prosperity, confidence and control over my life.  She gave me the tools and guidance necessary that I was unable to do on my own even with all of my research that I did before I contacted her. She knew exactly what was going on and all of her suggestions were spot on.  People come over all of the time and tell me how comfortable my house is now; I have people here all the time and before I hardly ever had company.  I have experienced a total 180 in my life in a short amount of time.   Words cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for Karin -Thank you Karin for helping me change my life!!

 – Dr. Amanda DiGiovanni, RehabTree Staffing LLC, www.rehabtree.com


I found Karin’s information on a local paper and decided to send her an email with a general question about Feng Shui. I was looking to buy my first place and had some doubts about what to look for. Her answer was so generous and professional  that I immediately hired her….and that remains one of the best decisions of my life! 

Over the next few weeks, I sent her a short list of the places I was considering…and she made a list with individual evaluations letting me know which ones were the most favorable and which ones contained some minor/major infractions.  I was actually very impressed to see how, without seeing the place, she would pick up on such problems.   Only after she would mentions a problem about “X,” “Y,” or “Z,”  I  would realize that oh yes, “there is railway very close by”….or “yes, indeed, there is that kind of building next to it.” I don’t know how she does it.

She did not only—patiently and oh, so conscientiously—helped me pick the right place, once I finally found and bought the place, she also gave me the most complete report on a house I had ever seen.  From furniture location, to room dispositions, colors, recommended textures per room, according to times of the year, my own charts, and character….it was incredibly helpful.  I re-read it many times and laid everything down like she suggested….I was hesitant with only one thing:   the fireplace (I wanted to move it, she didn’t agree)… and I am of course SO glad I followed her lead.  Everyone that comes to my place talks about the great flow of the living room/ kitchen (which is there, yes, greatly thanks to that fireplace).  Like the French say,  “Touchée!!”

In short, this is a professional that really knows what she is talking about, and is willing and able to transmit it to her clients.  I cannot recommend her strongly enough. She gave me so much certainty and direction in a very crucial time of my life…and she will do the same thing for you if you are lucky enough to work with her.

– Ana Laguna, Professor at Rutgers, NJ



I was so happy with my Feng Shui experience with Karin (she had been my feng shui consultant when looking for a place) that I was simply thrilled when I heard that her and her husband, Jason, had a contracting company. They came and gave me a wonderfully-detailed plan and budget for the renovation of my super dated place (“Grandma villa” is an understatement), and I went for it. ….one of the best decisions of my life!!!

At first, I was worried we were not going to get the results I was expecting…. or not to finish in my lifetime (it was a TOTAL renovation, floors, ceilings, walls, doors, plumbing…. let me say it again PLUMBING!) and I had a very tight budget to do it all…but the results exceed my (and anybody’s) expectations!!! Those pictures are more striking that some of HGTV makeovers, and this one was real! Better yet, it’s not only that everything looked beautiful when finished, but also that everything was done superbly underneath, no terrible surprises once they leave and things fall apart. I saw how methodically they redesigned (and fixed) all the pipes….and knew there and then that I was not going to have any problems with all the things they were fixing and updating.

They finished all the work in a record time, 7 weeks. The fact that they finished so soon is a testament to their professionalism and determination, not to the lack of problems, and bureaucratic delays.  Yet, Karin received me everyday with a smile (and, many days, with burning incense, this was the most purified renovation in history) to give me the daily updates. She sat patiently with me and went through at least 15 wall colors (some incredibly close to one another) until we figured out which one was the absolute perfect one, and was always open to my questions and concerns.

Jason’s patience and talent cannot be overstated either. There is not one thing that man cannot do! So impressive, because he is so young and yet has more experience, and knowledge that most contractors I know. He is also incredibly creative because, when reconciling old construction with new design….you really have to be. Wow is all I can say.

What an incredible experience…. I am SO grateful for all they did.  Leaving the city was a very difficult step for me, but my home is so beautiful, solid, and yes, balanced …. that I cannot help but feeling and believing in all those wonderful things that Karin augured for me.

If you can, don’t think about working with her/them twice. This is a lottery you can choose and win! 

– Ana Laguna, Professor at Rutgers, NJ



As the universe would have it I was introduced to Karin just when I needed her the most! She provided me with Zhai Gua and Ming Gua directions, Compass Reading and Layout, Dowsing for Geopathic stress and topography recommendations, as well as, a Flying Star assessment. All of these services have allowed me to make the adjustments I needed to help in the areas of health and wealth.  I changed room configurations, colors and decorative items to help cure some of the issues we were having. We have benefitted from better sleep, better health, better business and inter-family relations as a result from it. I highly recommend Karin for any issues you may be experiencing. She is kind, a pleasure to work with and very intuitive. She brings peace to your space with just her presence.

– Sherri Gold, NJ



“I was so delighted about how Karin made, what is to me, a complicated practice of Feng Shui seem so simple for application purposes in our apartment home.  I was able to apply the  principles she suggested to my master bedroom space within a few days and have been feeling more clear headed, energetic (yet also calm) lately.  I’ve been moved to work in other areas of our home too.  I just know that making the changes she suggested will add value to the comfort of our home environment, as well as, create new opportunities of growth and connection in other areas of our life! I really can’t thank Karin enough!”  

– Akita Brooks, NJ



Karin did an amazing job when she came back to my house after reviewing the entire area the first time. I was amazed at how much work she had done to present us with the packet of information that was full of details to bring our home to the exact energy flow of balance, prosperity, and happiness. Karin was also very patient with us, explaining exactly how to place the “cures” that she suggested. I would absolutely refer her again and again.

– Jayne Dempsey, Founder or Peace Zone Enterprises, NJ, www.peacezoneenterprises.com



“Karin is amazing at what she does. I was looking to make some positive changes in my home and Karin went above and beyond what I expected her to do. We focused on each room in my home and what should be changed in terms of color, furniture & materials, electronics, and use of space. She gave me a very detailed packet of what each room in the house needed. The very first thing I did was remove as much electronics as I could out of the bedroom, &  I can tell you it has made a difference in that I sleep much better! I can’t wait to change the others rooms now!”

– Jennifer Chenetz, NJ​



As a business owner, I am extremely busy and can often feel overwhelmed about running everything like sales, marketing, and staff communication. These concerns weight heavily on my mind and add tremendous amounts of stress to my life. I’ve tried reading books for solutions, working harder to bring more organization to the chaos, and simply trying harder. After near exhaustion, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Karin. As we sat down to discuss my main concerns about the needs of the business, Karin listened keenly and then proceeded to examine my business layout. With that information she performed a comprehensive analysis and developed a full facility Feng Shui report that was a customized to me, my location, and my concerns. The information was detailed with problems along with easy solutions as well as simple recommendations to maximize the effectiveness of my layout.

After just implementing 15% of the recommendations, my staff morale and communication has drastically improved. My overall marketing and revenues have increased at a rate unseen in the history of my 10 year company history. Simple things like operating in a different office, getting rid of a divider wall in our courtyard, and some color changes have made big differences so far. I am using Karin’s expertise in interior design to help me make more changes to my office without the need to spend a lot of my precious time. Her service for business owners is without a doubt one of the best Return On Investments you can find.  

– Steve Young, Owner of Body Solutions Inc, NJ, www.bodysolutionsinc.com​



I have been aware of the importance of Feng Shui for many years but do to my studies of the energy systems of the human body never dedicated the effort needed to fully understand this ancient art.

Karin at Lotus Living Space has done this. Her confidence and knowledge on the subject  is unmatched by anyone I have spoken to about Feng Shui.

I asked Karin to supply me with complete analysis of the space,  including Dowsing of Geopathic stress and EMF sources (Radiesthesia) and the important time analysis called Flying Star. These written reports were simple follow, provided me an accelerated understanding of the topic and absolutely enhanced my working space.

The feel and flow of my business was absolutely enhanced. Many of my patients experienced the benefits and let me know that something was very good even if they couldn’t explain what it was.

I highly recommend the services at Lotus Living Space so that you too can utilize all that we have been provided by nature.  

– Dr. Kevin Gyurina – Bangkok, Thailand, Founder of  Body in Motion Chiropractic, Medford​



Karin is amazing. She came to my home for a 3 hour consultation and I could not be happier with the results.  Karin took measurements and gave me recommendations on placement and use of different elements to highlight/improve certain areas. She not only took the time to assess what was best for me, she also took into account what was best for my husband and 3 children. My home now makes more sense and I do feel more comfortable and peaceful in my space. I am so intrigued with her wealth of information.  She is smart, thoughtful, and really wants to understand the issues you are experiencing and helps you find ways to remedy. Karin is a good soul and someone I recommend to my real estate clients all the time as well. I am so happy that Karin and I have connected and hope to continue the positive changes she has helped build.  

– Carmelyn Vedar, Physician Recruiter and Realtor , NJ​