Space Clearing

Space and Land Clearing

Space Clearing is also considered the art of cleaning and blessing a space . We are constantly absorbing different levels of energy, from the spiritually cleanest form to a contaminated one.

We are given the choice to breath in the form we want. Unfortunately not everybody is conscious enough to select only the best energies.

Some locations on this planet are very powerful and attract naturally the highest forms of energies or frequencies. These are places like Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Mount Kailash, Macchu Picchu, Delphi, Fatima or Lake Titicaca just to name a few.

The elders knew that if they build monuments or cathedrals in these locations,they will be able to access the higher realm more easily.


Space Clearing Services

•   Space Clearing with Sound

•   Space Clearing with Earth, Water, Air and Fire

•   Space Clearing with Intention, Love and Light

•   Space Clearing People and Objects

•   Angelic Space Clearing

•   Healing with Crystals

•   Chakra Clearing

•   Altar Creation


Benefits of Space Clearing

•   Increase of invisible life force energy Ch’i as well as keeping it on a high level

•   Free the home or office of old and negative energy and  manifestations

•   Increase of energy and well being

•   Inviting new goals and visions in your life and manifest them

•   Elevate the quality of life


AmethystIn order to achieve and maintain a healthy and joy filled life we need to clear our spaces, our minds and life on a regular basis, just as we watch what we eat or as we exercise for staying healthy.

If we look at energy in general it is to say, that everything that happens in a space stays in a space. It gets basically imprinted in the space. Especially negative things, traumta or strong emotional outbreaks will be stored. We can feel it when there is  bad atmosphere, when there were fights or people are hostile or  ”on edge”.

Another important aspect of Space Clearing is cleaning up the clutter, and part with unsused, unwanted or unloved items. These items feed of our precious energy and make a space feel stagnant and energetically low. We experience e.g. fatigue, depression, lack of motivation and sadness all the way to physical illness.

Space Clearing in combination with Feng Shui allows us to clear and remedy our spaces and our life. Space Clearing is the ideal foundation for a sucessfully applied Feng Shui. I always recommend to start with Space Clearing and then move to Feng Shui otherwise it is difficult for Feng Shui to overcome present energetic obstacles. 

Once I cleared and remedied the space I will suggest certain Space Clearing Rituals to my clients that they can perform personally on a regular basis in order to maintain and cherish the positive energy.


Space Clearing Fees vary depending on size of structure and services requested by client. Please call 201.993.6588 or email for details and to discuss your specific needs.