Do you experience:

•  Relationship problems?

•  Financial difficulties?

•  Health issues?

•  No thriving career?

•  Lack of motivation?

•  Anxiety or being overwhelmed?


Your home can be the culprit!


Allow yourself to enjoy:

•  Harmonious Relationships

•  Love and Happiness

•  Financial Freedom & Success

•  New Career Opportunities

•  Abundant Health and Energy

•  Fertility Improvement

•  Quality Sleep and Relaxation

•  Chronic Pain Reduction 

•  Personal Transformation

•  Enhanced Creativity

•  New Inspiration & Momentum

•  Increased Inner Awareness

•  The Perfect Home for Yourself


In Person Consultations starting at $150.00

Online Special Offers starting at $85.00 click here


Elevate your space and HARMONY & JOY will manifest in all life areas. 

You and your family deserve it!


THE JOURNEY IS THE REWARD. Our life is not always running smoothly. Often we are being distracted, redirected and confused about our journey in life. The outside influence can be overwhelming and possessive whereby we are easily messing up all our hopes and dreams.

As a result we are tempted to change our goals and modify them so they match the “new” circumstances. In the end we are confused and disappointed and start to distrust and doubt ourselves.

The environment we spend most of our time in has the largest influence on us.

Therefore it is very important to create a haven of peace and tranquility, which allows us to refocus on our goals in life and fill us with invigorating power. The more we are surrounded by peaceful and balanced energy the faster and more effective we re-take control of our life and create clarity and focused action.

Our surroundings need to be our haven of peace and tranquility.

Starting with our home, our office, the social contacts and activities all the way to how we treat our body and mind – everything is part of a larger whole, equally important and reflected in your space.

Our haven of peace and tranquility will help us regain our strength; refocus on our mission in life and experience joy, abundance and everything we need for happiness.


Feng Shui Services

•   Analysis of Interior Layout and Exterior Form

•   Compass reading and Bagua layout and analysis

•   5 Element Theory – flow and elemental balance

•   Ba Zhai Points for auspicious and inauspicious energy – 8 mansion formula

•   Na Jai Points for auspicious and inauspicious energy

•   Flying Star – Feng Shui Time Assessment

•   Radiesthesia / Dowsing for Geopahtic Stress and EMFs

•   Space & Land Clearing and Blessing


Important Aspects

•   Client's focus and intention

•   Information about Birth date, time and location of all occupants

•   Architectural floor plans or drawn to scale.

•   Facing direction of structure inclusive exact compass reading

•   Year the structure was built

​Feng Shui Consultation Fees vary depending on size of structure and services requested by client. Please call 201.993.6588 or email for details and to discuss your specific needs.