Physical and Medical Radiesthesia Services

​•  Assessment of Organs and Body Functions

•  Detection of Body Imbalances 

•  Detection of Food Sensitivities 

•  Application of Sacred Geometry for Healing

•  Geopathic Stress Analysis and Correction

•  Electromagnetic Stress Analysis and Correction


Through Radiesthesia many different aspects can be assessed:

• Geopathic Stress such as 

Water courses, Black Line Streams, Ley Lines, Hartmann Grids, Curry Grids, Benker Cube System, 250m Grid System, 400m Grid system, Moon Stripes, Crystalline Ridges, Vortexes, Per Sha, Abnormal Magnetism, Schuman Wave Interference etc.

Electromagnetic Frequencies

• Spiritual Energies

• Chakra (Body's Energy Centers) conditions

• Sensitivities  to products/objects/EMFs as well as individual thresholds

• Body imbalances on all levels ( physical issues, emotional, mental, karmic, spiritual)

• Blockages in the Energy field 


Physical Radiesthesia and Dowsing 

“Radiesthesia” stems from the Latin word “Radius” (radiation) and from the Greek word “Aisthesis” (perception of the senses or sensation) and is considered a science that deals with vibrational relationships that are not visible to the human eye. Physical Radiesthesia is an extension of modern physics where current state of physical equipment fails to detect subtle energies, which surround us all the time. The tools in Physical Radiesthesia act as extensions of the human energy field; they can be seen as "antennas" to tune into one specific energy quality and check its state, presence or absence. 

Goal is to transmute all negative energies into beneficial ones. 

Every form of life and element has a vibrational frequency or radiation on a specific wavelength. In Radiesthesia one senses and detects these vibrational impulses that emanate from everything in existence – from humans, animals, environments, objects or whatever the focus is on. 

Through the Law of Resonance between similar energy qualities, energy systems exchange information with other energy systems. This can happen naturally through close distance or through conscious awareness. A link will be created which is not bound by space and time. 

Resonance can be established between similar energy qualities at different dimensional levels whereas Harmonics is the key to connecting the energy across these levels. This means we can be influenced by energies of higher or lower dimensions.

Resonance and Harmonics allow an energy exchange to take place on multiple levels.

Everything interacts and depends on everything. Our environment is interacting with us the same way we are interacting with the environment and all what is in it. 

Through Radiesthesia we can uncover hidden and unseen aspects of our environment, our bodies and all different planes of existence. This includes e.g. the physical plane, the etheric life force plane, the astral/emotional plane, the mental and spiritual plane. 

With the help of specific Radiesthesia pendulums, dowsing rods and tools the invisible is made visible by picking up on the subtle energy vibrations that are issued by matter and thought. The interactions of energies is what influences and shapes us.


Electromagnetic Frequencies EMF Assessment

EMF (Electromagnetic frequencies) are found wherever there is electrical current flowing. But EMFs also occur naturally in the environment, since our planet is a large electromagnetic field in itself and so are we. Electromagnetic frequencies can affect our health. If we are exposed to strong electromagnetic fields our cells suffer. Our brain’s electromagnetic pulses are being disturbed by these fields and the polarity and metabolism of the cells is being disrupted. EMFs are linked to headaches, fatigue, behavioral disorders all the way to leukemia, brain tumors, miscarriage, Lou Gehrig’s disease and Alzheimer amongst others.

Bad infractions are e.g. high voltage power lines, radio, cell or TV phone towers to name a few. But also in our house we are the target of EMFs. They are on a smaller scale but still detrimental to our well being. We can find them in household appliances, electrical wiring & outlets, electrical entertainment & communication devices and many more. This form of electromagnetic frequencies is called “non-ionizing radiation.”

The level of EMFs needs to be measured on site. This includes direct current fields (DA), alternating current fields (AC) and radio frequency fields (RF). The assessment will reveal the infraction caused by these frequencies. I provide an EMF assessment that includes both naturally and artificially occurring Electromagnetic. I will recommend solutions and devices for artificial fields as well as offer Earth acupuncture for natural fields to make your home a wonderful and safe place to prosper.


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