Flying Star Xuan Kong Time Assessment

Flying Star – Feng Shui Time Assessment

The combination of time and space is according to Nature’s principles of Yin and Yang in a constant change and this interaction of Chi energy affects human beings and their surroundings. Flying Star ( Xuan Kong) is a very powerful and fast acting branch of Compass Feng Shui which deals with the aspect of time and it is is used by most professional practitioners. It is very different to astrology. Flying Star is the analysis of the five elements, the external (land)  and internal ( interior design) form as well as star combinations that reside in the structure. There are stars that are permanently associated with the building, the so called natal stars, derived from the year the structure was built. These stars never change. The annual stars change every Chinese New Year and bring positive or negative energy. The yearly and monthly stars are describing the ever changing energy entering and leaving the building.This energy can be supportive and prosperous or it might be harmful and destructive. Flying Star allows me to evaluate the star combinations and create an energy field that lets you experience harmony, love, wisdom, health, wealth and success in life.


Flying Star Example












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