Feng Shui

The Ancient Chinese Art of Feng Shui


”The spirit of life never dies.

It is the infinite gateway to mysteries within mysteries.

It is the seed of Yin, the spark of Yang. 

Always elusive, endlessly available. ”  

verse 6 ‘Life’s Spirit’ from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu


Feng Shui, literally means Wind and Water, and is considered to be the “Art of Placement” in ancient China in order to create balanced and comfortable environments. Feng Shui is over 3000 years old and has its origins in ancient China. Originally Feng Shui was used to locate auspicious burial sites as well as serve the emperors. 

The ancient art of Feng Shui works by balancing and harmonizing the invisible life force energy called Ch’i. Ch’i surrounds us, flows through us, is everywhere and influences the way we think.  It needs to flow freely and naturally in order to create peaceful and healthy settings. If it is obstructed it causes blockages and stagnant feelings. The Ch’i ‘s principle of connectivity is to be in harmony with nature and it is described as a “gentle flowing river. The Ch’i energy is stimulated and nurtured by change, it is alive and connected.

With Feng Shui we can alter our surroundings which benefits the Chi’ flow within our body and environment. Feng Shui allows us to create balanced and harmonious spaces as well as achieve well being, success, abundance and happiness in life. It assists us in finding our life’s mission and unlocking our potential.

In order to achieve and maintain a healthy and joy filled life we need to clear our spaces, minds and life on a regular basis, just as we watch what we eat or as we exercise for staying healthy. Everything that happens in a space gets imprinted in the space. We can “feel” when there is bad energy. Space Clearing & Blessing are essential practices in order to release trapped negative energy and to establish a healthy, energtic and blissful environment.


Lotus Living Space offers a variety of Feng Shui services

Residential Services 

​​Private Residences, Real Estate (Purchase or Sale of Home), New Building Planning

Commercial Services 

Offices, Stores, Businesses, Real Estate

Interior Design Services

Remodeling, Renovations and New Home Construction


​Feng Shui Consultation Fees vary depending on size of structure and services requested by client. Please call 201.993.6588 or email for details and to discuss your specific needs.