Feng Shui Schools

The two best know schools are the form school and the compass school .

The form school is the oldest and original school and takes the natural environment intoconsideration when evaluating properties and placements of houses, like mountains, rivers and streams to determine the best flow of Ch'i. It is all about observing the land that feeds the structure of the house. In addition to the outside influence, the inside of the house must be also considered, focusing on the placement of furniture. This is the foundation.

In the Compass school the emphasis shifted form nature to the individual and things like birth dates & times and timely influences were taken into consideration since people were not as intimate with their environment anymore. The Compass school incorporates the Bagua, a pattern consisting out of the 8 Trigrams. It is used to determine the type and location of Ch'i energy that comes with the different compass directions. These compass directions relate to the areas in our life that we want to improve e.g. Health, Relationships, Wealth, Career, Education, Creativity, Travel and Fame.

Feng Shui can be used in an objective and personal way to create balanced and harmonious spaces as well as to achieve well being, success and happiness in life. It assists us in finding our life's mission and our soul's purpose.

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