Energy affects your Life 

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Are you experiencing:

Relationship problems
• Family tension
• Health issues
• Overweight
• Lack of Energy
• Financial difficulties
• Career struggles
• Stress & Depression
• Clutter ?
Your environment can be the culprit!
The energy in your space affects your life and wellbeing. Clearing blockages, creating elemental balance and enhancing energy flow can drastically improve your life.

Spice up your love life, enjoy harmonious relationships with others, increase your health and energy, boost your finances and excel your career with the power of Feng Shui.



Invite Health, Wealth, Love, Abundance, Success & Energy into your life!

Receive a fully personalized report with all the details that you need to design 

Your Sanctuary !  


Super Special Discounted Offer to New Clients

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Your personalized report will include:

  • Auspicious directions for you and your family based on your birthdates with proper cure recommendation
  • Interior layout and design guidelines that are essential for a beneficial Ch’i flow ( e.g. where should your master bedroom be, which direction should your head point to when lying in your bed, where are your children supposed to sleep, what is a good place for YOUR office etc.)
  • Garden tips – how should your sanctuary look like on the outside?
  • Eliminate EMFs (harmful electromagnetic frequencies) from your home
  • Suggestions for a healthy home 



About Feng Shui

Feng Shui, literally means Wind and Water, and is considered to be the “Art of Placement” in ancient China in order to create balanced and healthy environments and to locate auspicious sites. Feng Shui works by balancing and harmonizing the invisible life force energy called Ch’i.  It needs to flow freely and naturally in order to create peaceful and healthy settings. If it is obstructed it causes blockages and stagnant feelings in all life areas.

With Feng Shui we can excel our environment and elevate our body, mind and soul.

Compass school allows us to determine the most auspicious direction of a new construction home in order to capture all beneficial Ch’i and to make it most suiting to the new occupants. If buying an already existing home Compass School is indispensable to find the house that has the best energy imprint and Ch’i flow and works well with the energy of the buyer. An auspicious Flying Star Natal Chart of the future home is an essential part of the process as well as proper land form. 

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