Do you experience:

 Lack of clients?

•  Low revenue?

•  Communication issues?

•  Absence of fun at work?

•  Little Inspiration?

•  Never ending problems?


Your office can be the culprit!


 Allow your company to enjoy:

•  Increased Sales

•  Financial Stability

•  New and returning Clients

•  Happy Employees

•  Excellent Reputation

•  Increase of Referrals

•  Influence and Growth

•  Joy at work


Our Services:

•  Residential

•  Business

•  Corporate

•  Real Estate – Purchase /Sale

•  House Staging

•  Remodeling 

•  New Building Planning


Elevate your space and SUCCESS will manifest in all business areas. 

Your company and vision deserve it!


In Person Consultations starting at $150.00

Online Special Offers starting at $85.00 – click here


The environment we spend most of our time in has the largest influence on us.

You are spending a lot of hours daily in your work environment. Whether you work at a desk in an office, in a store, from hospitals to hospitality, the energy in the space affects you on a profound level.

Your work environment needs to be inspiring, uplifting and energizing, otherwise it will have a detrimental effect on your body and psyche in the long run.

For sure, at one point, you experienced a drop in energy when you had to spent time in a space where people argued, betrayed or back stabbed one another; in an environment with old, overpowering or ugly furnishings; uncomfortable chairs; bad air; no sunlight; temperature issues just to name a few.

Now just imagine you were to spend every day in a place or situation like this!

The Law of Resonance states that if one vibrating object comes into contact with another vibrating object the stronger vibration will adjust the weaker one. In most cases the negative ones are stronger. That is why our energy drops easily when we get in contact with another one; it is being adjusted downward by the overwhelming fog of negative emotions, thoughts, and environmental circumstances that we are,unfortunately, exposed to daily.

Many times we are also detecting problems that are caused by Geopathic stress or ,especially in offices, by Electromagnetic Frequencies. Many individuals are getting more and more sensitive to EMFs, to the point where they experience constant headaches, fatigue, migraines, fibromyalgia, lack of motivation or energy, depression or chronic pain.

It is essential to create a harmonious and balanced environment where owners and employees feel great, are enthusiastic, full of passion and dedication to their work, feel energetic and powerful. Everyone will benefit from this scenario as positive energy in contagious!



Feng Shui Commercial Services

•   Analysis of Interior Layout and Exterior Form

•   Compass reading and Bagua layout and analysis

•   5 Element Theory – flow and elemental balance

•   Ba Zhai Points for auspicious and inauspicious energy – 8 mansion formula

•   Na Jai Points for auspicious and inauspicious energy

•   Flying Star – Feng Shui Time Assessment

•   Radiesthesia / Dowsing for Geopahtic Stress and EMFs

•   Space & Land Clearing and Blessing


Important Aspects

•   Client's focus and intention

•   Information about Birth date, time and location of owner

•   Architectural floor plans or drawn to scale

•   Facing direction of structure inclusive exact compass reading

•   Year the structure was built

​Feng Shui Consultation Fees vary depending on size of structure and services requested by client. Please call 201.993.6588 or email for details and to discuss your specific needs.