Energy Forecast 2014 – The Year of the Wood Horse

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Energy Forecast 2014 – The Year of the Wood Horse

May your Chinese New Year be abundantly blessed!

“May your wealth come to fill a hall”
“May you realize your ambitions”
“May all your wishes be fulfilled”
“May your happiness be without limit”
“May you hear that all is well”
“May a small investment bring ten-thousand fold profits”
“May your happiness and longevity be complete”
”Wishing you prosperity every year.”

Chinese New Year Blessings


Powerful Energetic Influences in 2014 – The year of the WOOD HORSE!

The year of the horse arrives on February 4, 2014 which is also the start of spring. This year’s Chinese New Year is on January 31 and it is the 1 day of the first lunar month.
Chinese New Year is the biggest holiday in the year in China and it always falls on a different day since it’s based on the lunar calendar. It is tradition that the house must be thoroughly cleaned and all bad luck remaining from the last year removed. Cooking and social gatherings are very important during this multi-day Chinese holiday.
On February 4th we are leaving the year of the Water Snake behind and move into the year of the Wood Horse. To understand the energy that this year brings we have to take a look at the Horses in general. We find them racing and running, plowing and working hard, showing off and being in the lime light or just being themselves in the Wild.
Two major elements are present in the year of the Yang Wood Horse: wood and fire. As both elements are in a productive cycle, 2014 it is auspicious.

It is a great year for optimism. We finally see the results of decisions we made a long time ago. Further we will recognize the trends of the next years to come.
There will be excitement and lots of activity during this year. Adventure and freedom are symbols of the horse. It is very important this year to show and prove rather than just talk about it. Respect needs to be earned. The energy is straightforward and intelligent, so try to get to the point. Don’t worry too much about making mistakes, you will learn from all of them tremendously. Horse energy is generally a healthy energy. Optimism and exercise combine but it is always important to take personal action to improve oneself. There will be innovations in technology, healthcare and many other fields. If a country is struggling it will have to continue working hard to get back on its feet. On the other hand if a country is growing and prosperous it will continue to expand. Bold statements will be made and groups be formed. There’s a need for strong leaders.

Large populations can be affected this year by infectious diseases as we prefer to be outside rather than cooped up indoors. In terms of health the kidneys, reproductive organs, the heart and blood as well as skin lungs and large intestines can be affected.
Expand your awareness to see were the world, your business and your life is going. Try to make this a year of building solid foundations, in your private and business life. The water and metal elements are absent in 2014, which could create more competition – especially in the banking industry. Horse years are good years for business. Economies in general improve and grow stronger. The strong fire element of the horse will boost the economy and bring prosperity, especially in fire related industries. Industries in the wood sector such as furniture, textile and agriculture will have a good year. Exercise industries continue to grow, especially activities such as running, riding and working with horses. Businesses and hobby activities in the context of home and entertaining at home will increase. Businesses which help people connect with each other are very beneficial, also products or services that make you more popular, provide you with more energy, help you to experience more fun or make you more beautiful. Be careful with speculation and investments. During this year we tend to be more fearless but understand first completely what you’re investing in.
Relationships and Social activities:
Romance and steady relationships will be prosperous during this year. Trust and faithfulness is very important. Horse energy creates a balance between the introvert and the extrovert aspects. Social activities are as important as spending time alone. Nevertheless boost your extroverted side. Call out and find a community. The year brings a lot of social invitations, parties and entertaining at home maybe centered on a shared activity. There’s a lot of vitality and strength during the year, which will encourage people to be truly hands-on. Speak what’s on your mind. Be social and engage actively in networking. The horse’s energy is being of service and giving to others, rather than just to fulfill your personal ego. Be charitable. There is a strong desire for freedom and change in the routine or way of life. This can lead to selling your house and moving to a new location. In the end a stable relationships seems to be more important than freedom though. Horses love freedom but the love close relationships more.
Color and Décor:
Bright colors, such as orange, red, yellow and greens are all very favorable during this year. Focus on the public areas of the home as this will be very conducive to entertaining and welcome new opportunities into your life. Choose colors and furnishings which inspire a feeling of confidence and ease when you decorate the more personal areas. Think about what truly makes you feel good.



Flying Star Year Analysis for 2014


The year is under the influence of the inauspicious 4 dark green wood star which brings mixed luck. All cures must be placed on the 4th of February 2014 and removed by the 3rd of February 2015!
The inauspicious 2 black earth star is residing in the East portent for this year and causing digestive and intestinal problems. Try to avoid any kind of stress and arguments within the family. Loneliness can arise from it.  The direction helps to calm this negative energy down. Place a metal object here for the month or ring a metal bell frequently. You can also add more plants or flowers, images of lush nature or other green accessories made from wood. This will support the energy of the direction and help to “uproot” the negative yearly influence.
The active 3 green wood star, being located in the Southeast, can have a negative impact on Finances. It is important that you educate yourself thoroughly before making investments. Overall the energy can be like a roller coaster ride. Avoid arguments with key contacts in regards to your money and work on diplomacy. The direction is supporting the star, which can be to your favor.  In case of hurdles along the way place a fire cure (e.g. candle, reds, light) to tome down the wood influence or display metal coins in the southwest for the year to support finances.
The great 8 wealth earth star is residing in the South portent brining lots of wealth, fame and success for the year. Especially the female in the house will benefit from this energy. This is a great area to enhance in order to elevate happiness, reputation and wealth. Try to focus on your goals and visions in life and prosperity will follow. To support this great energy place fire here. You can do this by displaying candles, a light, red pillows or other decorative red or triangular items.
The wonderful 1 water star is located in the Southwest portent for the year. It will support relationships, enhance marriage and brings great Wealth especially for the female in the house, as the Southwest is associated with the mother. The energy increases wisdom and spirituality as well. The direction slightly drains the good energy of the 1 water star, therefore place a metal object here to support it. This can be in form of metal coins or dome or sphere shaped decorative items such as a metal bowl or plate. The metal energy will bridge between the Earth of the direction and the water element of the star.

The auspicious 6 white metal star is residing in the West for the year 2014 and brings luck to Children and Creativity. The direction of West supports this star. The star is linked to military service, science and technology. Even though it is not real timely it infuses some of its beneficial aspects. This indicates more ambition and increased leadership qualities especially for the youngest female in the house. Success in school and studies can be boosted. The overall energy also indicates some income possibly trough real estate. To support it you can place metal or earth in this section, e.g. stones, semiprecious stones, ceramic, metal accessories ( brass, copper, aluminum etc.)
The inauspicious 5 earth yellow star is sitting in the Northwest for the year bringing lots of negative energy in regards to health & finances, especially for the oldest male in the house ( father) and can impact the ability to connect successfully with others. This is considered the Misfortune star. If possible do not spend a lot of time in this area and abate the negative energy with a metal object or metal sound (bell, clock etc.). To protect yourself you can also add more wood into the area which will “uproot” the earth influence. Plants, wooden furniture or books are a good solution.

The auspicious 9 future wealth fire star is located in the North in 2014 and brings support, growth and achievement for our career. It is all about long term goals and long term success. The male in the house benefits the most of this energy. There could be a change in job in order to tap into this future wealth. Goal setting, meditating, beginning new projects or making important calls from this area is beneficial. To support the future wealth star place a wooden object there, e.g. a plant. This will bridge between the direction of water and the element of the star.

The inauspicious 7 red metal star is residing in the Northeast during the year which points to loss and theft. Make sure all locks are in good condition and keep nothing flammable in the area since there is also a threat of fire. Arguments might be up in the air that could lead to legal or relationship problems, especially for the younger male. Be cautious with sharp objects such as knives. Surgeries are often linked to this influence as well. To abate this energy place virtual water here e.g. shells, glass, wavy or reflective objects. Images of water are also suitable. Avoid real water.
The untimely 4 dark green wood star is residing in the center in 2014 and can cause tension and relationship problems for all occupants. The star is normally linked to romance but due to its untimeliness it can turn into the opposite. Watch out for manipulation and lies. The energy is also not beneficial for everybody’s health as the element of the star upsets the earth of the Center. Place a fire cure here for the month e.g. candle, light or reds. This will help with health or if you find yourself in a relationship quarrel or experience lack of romance.  


The Power of Water

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The Power of Water

We all love to spend time at a body of water, be it at the ocean, at a lake or on a river. We relax and get energized. Water soothes our mind and soul.
Water is a very important element in Feng Shui. It symbolizes Money and Career. Sometimes Water flows fast, rapid and powerful and sometimes it is calm, deep and slow. Water can be Yin or Yang.
It represents attributes such as calmness, wisdom and courage but at the same time communication and the flow of money.
If you improve the energy in the area of Career, the direction of North, you do not only support your Career and long term goals but also its qualities of inner wisdom and valor.
Including blues and blacks, wavy and curvy shapes, reflective surfaces, glass or the color blue are all great ways to elevate this life area.

Our Bedroom

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Our Bedroom

Our Bedroom is the most important room in the house. We spend most of our time here to recuperate and regain energy. Everyone knows how a bad night’s sleep can affect your next day.

Take a look and see if you fulfill some of the criteria of a healthy bedroom.

The ideal material of your bed is wood. It prevents the amplification of geopathic or electromagnetic stress since it is a bad conductor.

The bed should have a solid headboard and footboard to give the bed a comforting and safety evoking frame.

Nothing should be stored underneath the bed as this represents the ground you are resting on – similar to the basement. Keep it clean and empty so CHI can circulate freely.

When lying in bed you should have a clear view of the door.

If possible remove your TV and all other electronic devices from this room to lower your exposure to Electromagnetic frequencies. They are a major cause of sleep disturbances.

The first impression

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The first impression

Our mood is set by the first impression we get when we enter a room. In order to spread good mood quickly, a very good solution is to decorate with fresh flowers.

Now is the time when tulips are coming back, the true flowers of the approaching spring. Best thing would be to buy fresh ones once a week in your favorite colors.

If you place them in the entrance you welcome everyone coming to your home.

White flowers are very beneficial in the West, Northwest and North, Yellow flowers are great in the Southwest and Northeast where as Red flowers in the South spice things up and evoke powerful energy.

If you choose to display flowers in the bedroom choose soft colors, such as rose or white.


Our journey through life

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Our journey through life

Our life is not always running smoothly. Often we are being distracted, redirected and confused about our journey in life. The outside influence can be overwhelming and possessive whereby we are easily messing up all our hopes and dreams. As a result we are tempted to change our goals and modify them so they match the “new” circumstances. In the end we are confused and disappointed and start to distrust and doubt ourselves.

The environment we spend most of our time in has the largest influence on us.

Therefore it is very important to create a haven of peace and tranquility, which allows us to refocus on our goals in life and fill us with invigorating power. The more we are surrounded by peaceful and balanced energy the faster and more effective we re-take control of our life and create clarity and focused action.

Our surroundings need to be our haven of peace and tranquility.

Starting with our home, our office, the social contacts and activities all the way to how we treat our body and mind – everything is part of a larger whole, equally important and reflected in your space.

Our haven of peace and tranquility will help us regain our strength; refocus on our mission in life and experience joy, abundance and everything we need for happiness.


TIPS to start with:

  • Pick one room and clean up clutter
  • Let fresh vital air Ch'i into your home
  • Go for a walk and experience nature and silence


Living in the Now

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Living in the Now

Do not dwell in the past,

Do not dream of the future,

Concentrate the mind on the present moment

– Buddha –

In Feng Shui the best place for daily meditative exercises is the Northeast direction of Knowledge and Wisdom in your home. This is the place where you connect with your higher self.

There are many tips that can help you shift your attention and become present. One very important tool is our breathing. Take a moment every day and do nothing else then focus on your breathing and experience how it happens automatically, how you are 'being breathed". Let your body be filled with vital air and expand the Ch'i energy in every part of your body. In this moment all thoughts subside. This void of thoughts will give your mind the time to rest from its constant daily chatter.

Another good practice to become aware is doing things mindfully. Pick a small activity and focus only on this activity, e.g. washing you hands. Every time you wash your hands pay close attention to how your hands feel, how the temperature is, how the flow of water is covering your hands and so on. In this moment you are present, all other thoughts subside. The more often you practice this the more moments of pure presence you invite into your life.

As Eckhart Tolle says " There is no other moment then then NOW, this is the only one we ever had and will ever have"


Mind Body Spirit Expo

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Don't miss this event!

March 15-17 New Jersey Convention Center Edison, NJ

Mind Body Spirit Expo March 15-17 New Jersey Convention Center Edison, NJ.

Powerful Energetic Influences in 2013

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Powerful Energetic Influences in 2013

Are you ready for the new energy of the year of the Water Snake?

Do you want to fully tap into your most auspicious times throughout the year?

Do you want to plan ahead in order to create a striving private and business life?

Check out what the New Year has in store for you:


Feng Shui is the powerful art of creating an auspicious and prosperous environment in order to experience health, success, wealth, love and abundance in all life & business areas.

Without a doubt it can help you manifest all your dreams and protect yourself from many negative influences. It is an essential piece in living a healthy, happy and meaningful life.


Along with the Chinese New Year celebration on February 10th, we entered the Year of the Water Snake on February 4th, a year that is said to bring lots of cleverness and intelligence. We left the year of the Water Dragon behind, which was a very yang or male dominated, rigid energy and started tapping into this new, and very yin kind of spirit. The energy has a feminine, calm and visionary intelligence which brings us sensitive leadership and diplomatic solutions in difficult negotiations.

  • We will become more aware of the needs and desires of others and act accordingly. This ability will lead to an increase in peace in the world that we are in dire need of.
  • Conflicts will lessen and a sense of community and “oneness” will arise. This will have a positive impact on our living standards and economy.
  • The year of the Water Snake also holds a lot of great new ideas, technologies and innovations in store for humanity. We just have to make sure we use them in an ethical and beneficial way for all species and environments.
  • This year is all about expansion, successful growth and new beginnings.
  • Our left and right brain influence will be balanced out and we are going to be able to tap easier into the “ignored” side inside us. Awareness and an increased consciousness are on the rise for all of us due to a major shift in planetary influence.
  • There is a tendency to environmental disaster this year, especially during the third quarter of the year caused by extreme cold, wind and high water as a result. (The element Wood and color green is an excellent cure here.) Do not go into panic mode but be prepared.


Paht Chee Forecast

  • There is lots of Wealth luck for the year to be found but we are also having clashing stars and disaster stars, especially hitting the East which is very inflicted for the year. This means East in general in the world and of course in our immediate environment.
  • All 5 elements are present in the chart which represents good fortune for the year. There is an indication to “Hidden Power” and influence of a specific kind. To tap into your hidden resources you need to dig deep within yourself to find the answer.
  • Family luck and plenty of Resources are available throughout the year whereas at the beginning and the end of the year opportunities reveal themselves.
  • Two major stars are present this year, one is the star of Powerful Mentors and the other one the Star of Scholastic Brilliance. This is an excellent year to pick up studies again, write important exams or tap into the gift of writing. The outcome will be fabulous. On the way we will meet powerful teachers, guides and mentors that will help us on our journey. Pay attention to the signs.
  • The first quarter of the year ( February – April) as well as the last quarter are said to be inauspicious due to destructive year and hour pillars. The year starts really slow.
  • The second quarter ( May – July) is very prosperous and all new ideas and launches seem to succeed. Opportunities will present themselves that can lead to an increase in Wealth. This is a good time to think about expansion and embrace change. Pay attention!
  • The third quarter ( August – October) is holding a strong Chi essence – the life force is high. This is a great time for vital partnerships. This quarter is when the world economy further recovers and initiates a time of prosperous expansion. Think about your investments!
  • The fourth quarter ( November-January 2014) can bring again some trouble in form of impulsive decisions and bad compromises. It is very important to stay calm now and go inward to tap into these hidden resources.
  • There is a strong Yin Metal influence for the year.


Flying Star Forecast

Looking at the Flying Star chart, and advanced method of Feng Shui of calculating and interpreting the timely influence of ever changing energies, we find that all the stars are residing in their “homes” for the year, which enforces the effects of their influence.

The following influences are just a generalized energy reading for the year as every house and structure holds additional energies that need to be taken into consideration.

As already mentioned the East is a battled direction for the year, so is also the Center of our homes with a very negative energy residing there. The yellow #5 star is in the center and can cause severe trouble with our finances as well as negative effects on our health. We want to keep the center of our homes quiet (no renovations, digging or cutting) and subdue this influence with the element Metal ( e.g. metal coins, metal objects or accessories).

  • In the Southwest the illness star # 2 enters for the year and can cause problems, especially for females ( mother) affecting the digestive tract. Further it can put a strain on our relationships. Earth element is the cure for this affliction. Remove all fire energy from this section. It is not a good place to sleep if you are pregnant or elderly.
  • In the West the violent #7 metal star resides and can cause arguments, legal problems and robbery. Watch out for injuries, violence and fire accidents. The cure is Water element ( real water (never in the bedroom) or virtual water (glass, color blue, seashells etc.). Remove Earth element from this section.
  • In the Northwest the #6 metal star enters and brings some achievement and support, especially for the male, but also everybody in leadership positions. Support this influence with earth or metal. A great enhancer is a metal wind chime here as the wind generates motion and therefor positive change.
  • In the North the auspicious #1 star resides and brings fast track luck in our Careers and Communications. You can support this energy with placing the element metal ( coins, metal objects etc.) or yang water ( real water( never in the bedroom) or virtual water ( glass, color blue, seashells etc.) here.
  • In the Northeast the very auspicious # 8 earth star enters and is most timely. It is very powerful and brings a lot of wealth luck. This is extremely beneficial for men. Support it with the element earth( e.g. stones, ceramic) or fire ( e.g. bright lights). A water feature in this area is also beneficial as the 8 star is considered the wealth star and needs movement of water and activity.
  • In the East the # 3 wood star resides and brings a negative, unpleasant energy impacting our health and families. Further it can create quarrels, misunderstandings and problems with the law. Remedy this influence with Fire element. Remove all water elements from the East. Furthermore the 3 Killings are located his year in the East, bringing three kinds of losses. Keep it quiet here!
  • In the Southeast the #4 wood star enters and can bring us scholastic success and romance. Due to its untimeliness it may also cause infidelity and manipulation. Peach blossom! In this case remedy this energy with Fire. Display a double happiness or love symbol here to boost romance, to support scholastic luck a crystal globe ( water element) is great. The Tai Sui is also located in the Southeast this year and needs to be addressed. This is the god of the year. It is benevolent but must not be disturbed. Keep it quiet here as well. ( no renovation, digging, knocking etc.) The Tai Sui is supporting all those that are born in the Snake years!
  • In the South the future wealth star #9 sits and brings us good recognition and acknowledgements. Long term prosperity will be supported. This is especially beneficial for the female (middle daughter). Enhance this section with bright lights, candles or color red.


Chinese Astrology forecast

The following signs are being influenced this year by small and big auspicious stars:

Rat, Pig, Snake, Horse, Monkey, Rooster, Dog an Dragon

IMPORTANT: If you are born between January 1st and midnight of February 3rd please subtract 1 year from your birth chart as the Chinese New year follows the Lunar Calendar, e.g. a person born on January 10th 1985 will be treated as born in 1984 and is therefore a Rat and not an Ox.


RAT – 1996 1984 1972 1960 1948 1936

Secret Friend: Ox

Allies: Dragon and Monkey

Outlook: possibility for great wealth and recognition, climbing up a career ladder, great relationships, health needs further support and improvement.

Best Month: March, October, December

Bad Month: April, January 2014


OX – 1997 1985 1973 1961 1949 1937

Secret Friend: Rat

Allies: Snake and Rooster

Outlook: new ventures, strong financial success and wealth potential, excellent relationships. Life force energy and health is very strong.

Best Month: August, October

Bad Month: February, November


TIGER – 1998 1986 1974 1962 1950 1938

Secret Friend: Pig

Allies: Horse and Dog

Outlook: a moderately successful year with a tendency to obstacles and betrayal, wealth luck is high in new business areas. Minor health problems.

Best Month: August, October

Bad Month: February, November


RABBIT – 1999 1987 1975 1963 1951 1939

Secret Friend: Dog

Allies: Sheep and Pig

Outlook: a difficult year with conflicting and fierce energy outbreaks, potential to loss – alleviate with incense. Prone to illness.

Best Month: March, May, December

Bad Month: June


DRAGON – 2000 1988 1976 1964 1952 1940

Secret Friend: Rooster

Allies: Rat and Monkey

Outlook: strong internal spirit with great success in wealth and boosted relationships. Stay away from quarrels. Take care of your body.

Best Month: April, June, January 2014

Bad Month: July


SNAKE – 2001 1989 1977 1965 1953 1941

Secret Friend: Monkey

Allies: Ox and Rooster

Outlook: new forms of financial sources may appear and lead to some success. Relationships are  lucky this year but health is quiet unstable. Be careful and take action.

Best Month: April, June, January 2014

Bad Month: July


HORSE – 1990 1978 1966 1954 1942 1930

Secret Friend: Sheep

Allies: Tiger and Dog

Outlook: new possibilities might lead to promotion and expansion in business, but avoid larger risks. Relationships are excellent, but some minor problems in health.

Best Month: February, September, November

Bad Month: March, December


SHEEP – 1991 1979 1967 1955 1943 1931

Secret Friend: Horse

Allies: Rabbit and Pig

Outlook: Health and relationships can be inflicted this year. Be careful and listen to the signs of your body. An overall financial good foundation but success can be boosted.

Best Month: February, April, November

Bad Month: May


MONKEY – 1992 1980 1968 1956 1944 1932

Secret Friend: Snake

Allies: Dragon and Rat

Outlook: All areas need improvement, especially your life force energy and health. There might be some financial windfalls but it does not come easy. No “out of the ordinary” relationship experiences.

Best Month: February, April, November

Bad Month: May


ROOSTER – 1993 1981 1969 1957 1945 1933

Secret Friend: Dragon

Allies: Ox and Snake

Outlook: There is great potential in accumulating wealth but beware of disloyalty or lies. Trust your instincts. Relationships require persistence.

Best Month: July, September

Bad Month: October


DOG – 1994 1982 1970 1958 1946 1934

Secret Friend: Rabbit

Allies: Tiger and Horse

Outlook: A very promising year with excellent support to generate wealth. Success needs to be boosted further with endurance. Relationships and Health are great.

Best Month: June, August

Bad Month: September


PIG – 1995 1983 1971 1959 1947 1935

Secret Friend: Tiger

Allies: Rabbit and Sheep

Outlook: By staying on top of things and showing persistence financial goals will become reality, especially by keeping a positive attitude. Relationships might be difficult for the year. Health is stable.

Best Month: June, August

Bad Month: September




Astrological recommendations 03/01

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Astrological recommendations 03/01

Chinese & Western Astrology & Lunar phase on Friday, March 1st  2013

Today, on the fourth day of the waning moon we are residing in the sign of Libra. This zodiac sign is associated with our endocrine system, hips, kidney and bladder. All clearing and cleansing activities are beneficial to flush our system.

Drink a lot of water and take a refreshing walk outside as Libra is linked to the element Air.

The direction is North. 

March 1st  is an excellent day for manicure and pedicure. The pretty results will last much longer.

Today is also a great day for all Dragons and Snakes! The day brings lots of romance luck as well as success in travel and business matters. 

The beneficial hours today are 12am-3am, 7am-11am, 1pm-3pm and 7pm-9pm.

Take advantage of the strong morning hours as well as the promising dinner time. The element of the day is Fire, fueling the romance aspect of the day. 


Enjoy your day!