Animal Communication

Animal Communication

You want to know what is going on with your beloved pet or why they are part of your life? 

You worry about the health of your animal?

You would like to find out what the underlying reasons for your pet’s behavioral issues are and what you can do about it?

Your pet is lost and you are desperate to find it?

Animals have always been Karin’s greatest joy and love. She uses her clairvoyant, clairsentient and telepathic abilities not only with humans and their environments but also with all beloved wild and domesticated animals.

During a communication session Karin receives images, emotions, bodily sensations, smells, sounds or tastes, just like in a very vivid dream or movie that plays in front of the third eye. She uses these abilities especially in her Shamanic Healing work with clients but also when “reading” a house or environment in regards to spiritual imprints and other vibrational manifestations.

Animal Communication is a telepathic communication or reading where an intuitive and spiritual connection is established with the animal. The telepathic communication is established to receive feelings, thoughts, or information about the physical or emotional state or the animal.

The information derived from the communication with the animal allows Karin to further understand the needs, desires, problems or messages of our animal companions and help them accordingly.

Animal Communication is also used to establish a connection with a lost or diseased pet in order to help facilitate the return of the pet or relay messages from a diseased loved one.

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Examples of what can be addressed during a communication session?

  •        Behavioral Problems such as aggression, fear, urinating, depression, lethargy,      stubbornness, relationship issues etc.
  •        Health Issues uncovered by a medical intuitive scan
  •        Introducing a new animal to the group
  •        Transitions such as moving
  •        Explaining past traumas
  •        Connecting with and tracking a lost pet
  •        Connecting with a diseased pet

An animal will most of the times share the underlying reason for the physical state or emotional behavior. This information often helps e.g. the veterinarian diagnose health issues. If a pet is injured or sick Karin usually gets a sensation in that specific area of her body. This allows her to pinpoint the problem and help the animal get proper treatment.

Many animals also want to assist their owner in discovering and understanding their own human issues. They want to shed light upon a situation and often act as a mirror for their human owner. This information will help you bond with your animal on a very deep level, understand the soul connection you have, discover why that animal is part of your life and create the best life for both you and your pet.

Animals know why they are in our lives and are very devoted to their mission. Many pet owners are amazed of the information that gets revealed during a session and how this information also impacts their life in a beneficial way. The animals always act out of pure love, compassion and free of judgment.

Karin also offers Integrative Energy Therapy (IET) sessions for Animals. IET is a subtle energy healing method that is a complimentary treatment. IET is especially helpful in case of traumas, injury or emotional distress. IET can be used with any other treatment. IET does not replace veterinary care. To learn more about Integrative Energy Therapy click here.

Karin is a Shamanic Healer and utilizes her knowledge and assistance of spiritual guides also when communicating with animals. Shamanism works directly with the Spirits of Nature and the Animal realm.To find more about Shamanism and how it can benefit you please click here.

More about lost pets

As an Animal communicator Karin will be able to help in the search for a lost pet by giving you descriptions of persons, locations or recent activities of the pet. These clues will enable the owner to search in a better way as the information can be very specific. Karin will also relay information to the animal and help to guide it to a safe location where it is more likely to  be found. In most cases the animal is giving verifiable information for the owners to work with. Tracking is a difficult task and can take time and patience especially since both the owner and pet very often bring anxiety and stress into the mix of energetic vibrations.


The process and requirements

The verification of identity and connection with the animal is done in a meditative state. The answers are then received almost like tuning into the correct radio station transmitting vibrations.

A medical intuitive health scan is then performed in order to determine the physical and emotional well-being. Further messages can be received or questions asked.

Karin will require a list of up to 8 questions the client wants to focus on as well as a photo of the animal. The photo should just show one animal and no people if possible.

All Karin’s observations and messages will be delivered in a written format.

Karin has performed many animal communications with a high rate of accuracy. She is not a veterinarian and does not diagnose but relays information form the animal to assist in the process and give guidance.

Animal Communications are mostly done long distance since it works through telepathic connection but on occasions also in person.

If a person truly feels that the information has not been helpful, a full refund will be issued.


To book a consultation:

You may send payment via mail ( personal check or money order) or PayPal. Payment is in US Dollars. 

Non-urgent sessions ( within 3-4 business days) minimum 1h session

  • Initial session $95/h 
  • Additional sessions $75/h 

​Urgent sessions: ( to be done within 24h) – minimum 1h session

  • Initial session $115/h 
  • Additional sessions $85/h 

​​Integrative Energy Therapy for pets – minimum 1h session

  • Initial session $75/h 
  • Additional sessions $ 65/h 

Please choose the type of service you prefer, fill out the Animal Communication request form and upload a picture. Click Here for the Animal Communication Request Form

By purchasing any service you agree to the terms and conditions of Informed Consent.

Please call (001) 201.993.6588 or email at

Informed Consent

1) You are hiring Karin Hirsch as a consultant.  It is understood that Karin Hirsch will do her best to help you communicate with your animal and will share all pertinent information.

2) It is understood that Karin Hirsch is NOT a veterinarian, herbalist, medical doctor, dog trainer, etc., and makes no such claims.  Consultations include her opinions, what she perceives using her intuition, and is based upon her years of experience.  Her consultations are in no way intended or recommended to be used in place of traditional veterinary care.    

3) Karin always recommends consulting licensed professionals in each field, such as veterinary care, animal massage, herbal treatments, animal trainers, etc.   Any advice she offers is based upon personal experience.   While Karin can communicate with animals, real world reinforcement with good training is always recommended.  

4) YOU, the human client, are ultimately responsible for your animal’s care, treatment, and life.  Karin can only tell you what she sees, or doesn’t see during her consultations.  Medical intuition ( looking at the state of animal’s health), like any intuitive consultation, is only intended as a complimentary tool to be used along with traditional veterinary medical testing and treatment. 

5) Client agrees to inform Karin if there are changes in the animal’s condition as soon as it is known to the client.   

6) Consultations are considered private communications between Karin Hirsch and the client.
The results of consultations and contents of clients files are considered private and identities will not be shared unless both parties agree.

7) In case of missing animals there is no guarantee that Karin will be able to locate the exact site of the animal but she will share all relevant information she receives.

Release of Liability

By purchasing a consultation and agreeing to these terms and conditions, YOU the client,  also hereby release and hold harmless Karin Hirsch,  from liability due to accident or damage to self or animal, and/or personal property, and from loss of property resulting during or after said consultation or workshop in the following of any suggestions, information, instruction or advice given by Karin Hirsch.

You as owner, or agent of the owner, agree to have this consultation for animal(s) and by your payment of and participation in said consultation, give consent and agree to adhere to all terms of this agreement and release form above.

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