Karin Hirsch is the founder of Lotus Living Space, a trade name company of IDesignBalance LLC. She is a Certified Feng Shui Consultant, Radiesthesist,Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor and Shamanic Healer. Karin studied at renommated schools such as the Vesica Institute of Dr. Robert Gilbert and Dr. Ibrahim Karim, The Foundation of Shamanic Studies by Michael Harner, Dr. Gene Ang of Healing Presence, The Teaching Tortoise School and the Sheffield University in NY under the guidance of R.D.Chin.

Her original education is Industrial Design Engineering where she earned her Masters Degree from the University of Industrial and Interior Design in Munich, Germany. Karin worked as a Design Consultant for many companies worldwide including companies such as Ideal Standard, Steelcase, Hutschenreuther, Ingo Maurer, Struppler Associates, Braun, Betty Barclay, Sea Gull Lighting, Checkolite and others. Please visit her website at www.IDesignBalance.com

Karin integrates her Feng Shui knowledge in her designs in order to create balanced and sustainable products and interiors. She’s been featured in several magazines such as Ottagono, Architectural Digest, Home Lighting Magazine, Residential lighting and received the Rima Editrice Young and Design Award 2003 in Milan, Italy.

Karin is a professional member of the International Feng Shui Guild, the International Feng Shui Association, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, the South Jersey Wellness Council as well as the Verband Deutscher Industrie Designer. She believes that an auspicious and balanced surrounding is the foundation of a successful, happy and healthy life. Karin specializes in helping individuals by analysing their homes, offices and surroundings, remedying negative Chi flow and establishing positive Chi flow, identifying energy blockages and threats in space, time and body in order to help create a empowered and joy filled new Self (don't forget to download her Top Tips on Creating a Healthy Home HERE) Furthermore she assists a client in assessing and clearing physical, emotional or mental imbalances from the body by using her profound knowledge in Shamanic Journeying, Medical Radiesthesia or Integrative Energy Therapy.

Karin was drawn to subtle energies early on in life. Intuitively she is able to feel negative energies withing a field. She experiences the enormous difference between stagnant and flowing energy as well as negative charged space and knows how  to remedy an energetic field. Karin is a very sensitive and intuitive person, she works with her sixth sense and the guidance she receives from a higher realm. 

She grew up in Munich, Germany and lives now in South Jersey with her husband Jason. Her clients range from the US to Europe. She meets with her in-person clients at her office in Cherry Hill or at the clients residence, and meets with long-distance clients via Skype and phone.