5 Element Theory
 Flow and elemental balance 

As a result of the interaction between Yin and Yang, the universe can be divided into 5 basic elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. These elements are found everywhere in nature and are considered the building blocks of the universe. The 5 elements are associated with the Bagua and its 8 life aspirations, time, organs, colors, flavors, motions among others. Each area in life is represented by a specific element.


  • Romance and Relationships is associated with Earth
  • Children and Creativity is associated with Metal
  • Travel and Helpful People is associated with Metal
  • Career is associated with Water
  • Health and Family is associated with Wood
  • Wealth and Prosperity is associated with Wood
  • Fame and Reputation is associated with Fire


The 5 elements represent transformation (waxing and waning)  in the Yin and Yang cycle where each element either nourishes, weakens or destroys another element. The energy flows continuously from one element to the next. A foundamental part of Traditional Chinese medicine is also the core element of Feng Shui. In order to experience optimal wealth, health and abundance as well as harmonious environments we need to make sure the 5 elements are in a Sheng cycle, meaning a supportive and balanced cycle.  









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