Residential Services


Do you experience:

•  Relationship problems?

•  Financial difficulties?

•  Health issues?

•  No thriving career?

•  Lack of motivation?

•  Anxiety or being overwhelmed?


Your home can be the culprit!


Allow yourself to enjoy:

•  Harmonious Relationships

•  Love and Happiness

•  Financial Freedom & Success

•  New Career Opportunities

•  Abundant Health and Energy

•  Fertility Improvement

•  Quality Sleep and Relaxation

•  Chronic Pain Reduction 

•  Personal Transformation

•  Enhanced Creativity

•  New Inspiration & Momentum

•  Increased Inner Awareness

•  The Perfect Home for Yourself


In Person Consultations starting at $150.00

Online Special Offers starting at $85.00 click here


Elevate your space and HARMONY & JOY will manifest in all life areas. 

You and your family deserve it!

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Commercial Services


 Do you experience:

 Lack of clients?

•  Low revenue?

•  Communication issues?

•  Absence of fun at work?

•  Little Inspiration?

•  Never ending problems?


Your office can be the culprit!


 Allow your company to enjoy:

•  Increased Sales

•  Financial Stability

•  New and returning Clients

•  Happy Employees

•  Excellent Reputation

•  Increase of Referrals

•  Influence and Growth

•  Joy at work


Our Services:

•  Residential

•  Business

•  Corporate

•  Real Estate – Purchase /Sale

•  House Staging

•  Remodeling 

•  New Building Planning


Elevate your space and SUCCESS will manifest in all business areas. 

Your company and vision deserve it!


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Design for Success


Balanced Homes is our sister company that will take over all renovation or remodelling projects you do not feel up to managing or doing yourself. 

We are a full service general contracting firm that is specialized in the integration of energy principles of Feng Shui, Sacred Geometry and Radiesthesia into the design process.


Please visit our site at




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Create a Sanctuary for Life

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